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GIRAVICENZA offers a wide range of tailor made guided tours, to fit your needs in the city of Vicenza and the palladian villas in the surroundings of Venice.
Put yourself in the knowledgeable hands of a qualified and experienced tour guide to visit the most important attractions of the Veneto.

Get a fully tailor made tour: your experience will take place in the interaction between us tour guides and yourself. Our guest is the co-producer of his own experience!
It will be our pleasure to give a truly Veneto experience for an unforgettable holiday, full of culture and fun.



To visit Vicenza with a tour guide is the best way to discover the city

Vicenza lies at the foot of the Berici hills, striking the visitors with its medieval towers and steeples of several successive periods, standing out on the skyline and reminding us of its ancient history.

Palladio - Basilica, piazza dei Signori - visit Vicenza

Vicenza is for architecture buffs: known as the “city of Palladio” Vicenza actually hides a cultural and architectural aspect, far more complex and varied: the Roman origins are evident crossing the bridges leading into the city centre, along the cobblestone streets hidden by more recent buildings, or venturing into underground tunnels that actually reveal noble and perfectly preserved environments .

Through a walk in the city centre it will be pleasant to discover at every corner a house brick tower, testimony of the medieval town. Vicenza’s narrow streets are reminiscent undoubtedly of the gothic palaces of Venice. And we’ll conclude with the classic footprint, left by the great architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) during the Renaissance period. The well-preserved city center features many of his palazzos and civic buildings, while his villas and those of other master architects dot the surrounding countryside.  In the 16th century the patrician families of Venice, Verona, Padua and Vicenza got interested in agriculture and the benefits of country living, and built several villas in the countryside.

A tour in the historical centre of Vicenza will give you the opportunity to discover fascinating corners, to see hidden alleys and unknown squares, to explore the most typical places of the city.

Choose a guided tour Vicenza will be a wonderful surprise! We’ll draw you into the narrative in order to feel the real taste of the Veneto.



Ask us for one of our tours:

- Classic Vicenza: a walking tour in the old city centre, focusing on its main monuments. We’ll start from the ancient middle age castles and the venetian gothic palaces overlooking the most famous and attractive roads. We’ll get to the craftsmen’s districts to learn about the tradions and the popular history of the city. And we’ll end up in Piazza dei Signori and its superb palladian Basilica.

This tour is 2 hours long

- Vicenza and Palladio: this walking tour focuses in particular on Palladio’s art. While wandering in the main streets of Vicenza we’ll stop and see the most famous palladian palaces and monuments: the palazzo Chiericati, the palazzo Thiene, the palladian Basilica and the Olympic theatre, his major masterpiece.

This tour is 2,30 hours long

- All the secrets of Vicenza: we’ll get to know all about the history and the arts of Vicenza. From the middle age castles and towers, to the venetian gothic palaces, till the renewal of Palladio during the Renaissance. We’ll visit the old town centre and its main monuments, and we’ll then make a detour to see the surroundings of the town: the sanctuary of Monte Berico from which we can enjoy a magnificient view on the Prealps, the villa Valmarana ai Nani, hosting the beautiful frescoes of Tiepolo dating from the XVIII century, ending with the villa Rotonda, Palladio’s most famous building.

This tour is from 3 to 5 hours long

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Compact, well preserved, clean, flat and quiet, Vicenza is pedestrian- and wheelchair-friendly.  Most of the historic centre is closed to cars and can easily be toured in wheelchair and by foot: it’s a joy to stroll without worrying about cars! Most of the sidewalks are low, some of the streets are covered with stone.

Vicenza is a good base for day trips to Venice (45-minutes by train), Verona and Padua (less than half an hour each).




A very special tour through memorable chess games, duels between valiant knights and romantic walks in the shadow of the castles.

Marostica enchants its visitors, welcoming them among its circle of still intact medieval walls, inviting you to attend the famous human chess game, and visit its streets full of history and mystery.Visit Marostica, guided tour

And then Bassano del Grappa, built on the shores of the impetuous Brenta river that has carved its nature and appearance. A stop on the famous bridge of the Alpini, the shooters of the Alps during the First and Second World Wars, and sipping some of the virtuous aqua vitis

You will take a dip in the past, tracing the endeavours of the Alpini in the mountains that surround the town.

Visitare Bassano Marostica

Bassano - Ponte degli Alpini

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