Palladio Full immersion

Vicenza is the city of Palladio: the great architect transformed the city into an example of Renaissance utopia, following the philosophy and desire for artistic autonomy of the local aristocrats. His unique style is studied by all the architects of the world.

Thanks to an exceptional testimonial, Thomas Jefferson, some of the most famous American buildings are built in Palladian style: the White House in Washington, I think, is the best known example.

But why did Palladio choose Vicenza to express his art?

Why are the “Palladian villas” so famous, so what are they special about compared to other Venetian villas?

This tour will allow you to go into detail in the great master’s architecture, to understand its origins, developments, declinations between palaces, churches and villas.

The Palladian itinerary takes half a day or a full day, and includes a visit to the following places:

the noble residences of the center of Vicenza such as Palazzo Chiericati, Palazzo Thiene, Palazzo Barbaran Da Porto, Palazzo Iseppo Da Porto, Palazzo Valmarana, Palazzo Porto Breganze;
the public buildings of Andrea Palladio: the Basilica and the Loggia del Capitanio in the main square of the city, and the magnificent Olympic Theater, the first permanent theater in the world built after the ancient era;
the church of Santa Corona, where the Valmarana chapel is located, built by Palladio on the model of funerary monuments from the Roman era
the Palladio Museum, which allows an in-depth study of the work of the great Renaissance architect
Palladio’s Villa Rotonda, the most famous and most harmonious of its villas
the Caldogno villa, a perfect example of a Palladian villa-farm
The Palladio full immersion itinerary includes the purchase of the Museum Card to enter the city’s museums. Visiting the villas is subject to seasonal opening times.

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